Young Living Wholesale Membership and Rewards Program

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Membership Options Explained
I Promise, You Don’t Have to Sign Your Life Away!

When you first click over to buy some oils, the first decision you have to make right away is, do I want to be a Retail Customer or a Wholesale Member? Bottom line? If you think you’ll buy more than one oil a year, become a Wholesale Member so you can get the 24% wholesale discount.

Retail Customer

  • No discounts or benefits, you’ll pay full price.
  • This is ideal for those who just want to buy one oil a year (if you want to buy more, even just two, you’ll want to be a wholesale member).

Wholesale Membership – Recommended

  • Get 24% wholesale discount on all products & option of joining the Essential Rewards program (below)
  • This is ideal for those who want to buy two or more oils a year, but have no desire to sell the oils to build a business.
  • To keep the discount, you must buy 50 PV* a YEAR (not a month, a year!) AND purchase a starter kit, which run from $40 to $150. The Premium Starter Kit is the most recommended as it has all of the most-used, basic oils and will give you the ideal start to actually using essential oils so they don’t collect dust on a shelf.
  • There are no monthly minimums, buy as little or as much as you want.
  • There is NO penalty for dropping the program, you’ll only lose your discount but can still buy from Young Living.

* PV is Personal/Point Volume, a point value is assigned to each product. Essential oils are basically 1 point for 1 dollar, but other products are less.

Essential Rewards Program

  • Totally optional program for Wholesale Members
  • Ideal for those who will buy more than 2 oils a month and/or want to sell oils to make commission and build your own business. This is a fun way to start your own business with the freedom of being in charge!
  • If you’re just starting out, just skip this part in the registration. You do NOT have to buy a rewards kit and sign up for this to buy oils.
  • The benefits of the program are flat rate discounted shipping, priority for products that are low in stock, and the ability to earn points the longer you’re with the company that you can use like store credit to buy FREE oils!
    Member for 0-6 months – earn 10% of your purchases in points for free oils
    Member for 7-12 months – earn 15% of your purchases in points for free oils
    Member for 13 months or more – earn 20% of your purchases in points for free oils
  • Requirements – purchase 50 PV* of product of your choosing a month (you can get the same thing shipped every month if you want, or choose something new each time).
  • THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT – you can cancel at any time without penalty or fees. You’ll just want to make sure you use the points you have left or you’ll lose them.
  • TIP – many of my ER program members spread out their purchases over the year. So, instead of buying 6 oils one month and then they don’t need any the next month, they buy just 3 one month, 3 the next, and so on!

And check out my on-going promo!

Anyone who signs up for the Essential Rewards program and makes the their first order, gets a FREE silver-plated aromatherapy locket! I give you a piece of leather that you place inside of it. Drop 1-3 drops of your favorite oil on the leather and the scent lasts for days!

And, of course, you can always shoot me an email on my contact page if you have any questions at all. To learn more about how to build your business, I can explain how you make commission. With essential oils becoming ever more popular as people gravitate to alternative medicine, this is an exploding market!

Visual Sign-Up Help

The sign-up process can be confusing, so I’ve created a little guide for you to walk you through it. After you’ve put in your personal information (address, phone, email, log-in and password), you’ll need to choose a starter kit if you’re signing up as a member.

The Premium Starter Kits all come with actual BOTTLES of essential oils. I know many folks who’ve gotten to this stage in the process and jumped ship because the pictures don’t show any bottles of oil. The bottles are in the teal blue boxes you see. They come with 11 bottles of oils and 10 samples, plus the diffuser, literature, and Ningxia Red samples.

There are many more options than there used to be, but the most popular one I’ve pointed to with the arrows.
  • (Green, at the top) This one has the smaller, Home Diffuser for $150.
  • (Red, middle) You could also start with a Ningxia Red starter kit if you’re wanting an awesome supplement, but it doesn’t have any oils.
  • (Purple, left bottom) Then, there are the Spanish-speaking options – they contain the exact same things that the English ones do, it’s just that the literature is all in Spanish.
  • (Teal, right bottom) The larger diffuser comes in the Premium Starter Kit with Aroma Diffuser ($160) and has everything else the Premium Starter Kit with Home Diffuser does.
  • Honestly, the Basic Plus and Basic Kits I don’t even recommend at all – you will not get a good experience of how oils work with just one oil. I think it’s better to save up your money until you can afford a kit, then do it right the first time!

Visual Sign-Up Help

Remember, this is a totally OPTIONAL program that you can add at any time. I tell my customers to just get your kit, and then once you’re ready join the Essential Rewards program in a few months. So, once you click, “No Thanks,” the section below that will go away and you do not have to purchase those extra kits!

Welcome to the amazing world of essential oils! Ask any questions you might have about how to use the oils in my private facebook group or drop me a line via my contact page! I’m also happy to talk on the phone with anyone who has questions and wants to build their business, just drop me an email here.

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