If you’re looking for an all-natural, safe and effective way to tame the frizz, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a very simple recipe no-frizz spray that not only smooths and moisturizers the hair, but also smells divine with the addition of essential oils! It’s also perfect to use as a refresh spray.

Homemade No Frizz Hair Spray - All Natural and Easy!

I’ve written A LOT about my hair here on the blog, and for those of you with curly hair, you’ll understand my fervor for taming the lion mane. It’s a love-hate relationship until you find that perfect hair care routine that makes your curls bouncy, frizz-free and beautiful! It has taken me half a lifetime to figure some things out, and I’ve chronicled them all here for you.  All of them are frugal, easy and 100% safe and natural! See my Curly Hair page hub here!

No-Poo - Natural Hair Care - How to Care for your hair without chemicals and shampoo

Are You a No-Pooer?

So, now that I’ve been washing my hair with sulfate-free shampoos, I only have to wash it every 4-7 days or so because my scalp isn’t over producing oil. It’s awesome! You gotta try switching to natural, no-poo shampoo sometime if you haven’t already.

It doesn’t strip your hair and scalp of the oils it needs to stay healthy and protected, unlike shampoos that contain detergents like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS).

Since I’m only washing it a couple of times a week, I need a spray to freshen up my hair and get rid of bed head frizz, but of course, I wanted something natural and cheaper than natural products in the store (can we say, break the bank? $$). Here’s what I came up with! I smell the oils in my hair all day long, sometimes for two days! That alone makes me happy, but taking the frizz away does, too.

Homemade All Natural No Frizz Spray


Combine all in your 4-oz. bottle and spray as much on as you’d like! If you need even more frizz control, just increase the aloe vera to water ratio, or use only aloe vera. You could also add a teaspoon or two of your favorite silicon-free conditioner to add more moisture as well. That’s it! My favorite essential oils are from Young Living. They smell DIVINE and are the purest and most potent I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a TON of different brands). SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave


DIY Curly Hair Refresh Spray - tame the frizz in between washes with this moisturizing spray!